Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 5 – Content Marketing

Content Marketing. What is it and why does it work? Well to give you a hint, what I’m doing with the Happy Freakin' Monday video series is a good example. 

Content marketing is a strategy that involves the creation and distribution of valuable content which could be video, blogs, or social media posts. The key word here is value but that could mean anything from useful information to just pure entertainment. 

The goal is not a hard sell like direct response where you want immediate results. On the contrary, you want to stimulate interest and build your audience over time because people won’t tune in regularly if you’re just constantly trying to sell them something. The only exception to this might be a retailer doing product reviews where viewers might have the option to buy a product after watching a review but still, your message should be more informative than sales pitch.

So why does it work?

Well for one, when you focus on providing value to your audience instead of a hard sell it becomes more watchable and engaging.

Building an engaged and educated audience means keeping your brand top of mind and more importantly, showing up in public news feeds as people comment and share your content.

Being more engaging is especially key when it comes to Facebook because they have been making it harder for pages to get their content seen in newsfeeds. Which is smart for them because it just means that you’re going to spend more on boosting posts just to get in front of people unless you up your Content Marketing game.

It’s taking a farming instead of a hunting approach when it comes to your marketing. What I mean by that is that you’re planting seeds for long term growth instead of focusing on the immediate.

So focus on providing value instead of a hard sell and look forward to a successful harvest... get it? Still with the farming... Ok I need more coffee.

See you next week!