Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 46 – Cure for the Blue Monday Funk

Today is Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year and I am definitely feeling that. I woke up not really motivated at all. I had a topic all lined up for today’s episode too but all I wanted to do was drink coffee, play candy crush, and try not to think about work or how bloody cold it is outside.

The thing is, I still have to do a video. I would be letting everyone down, and letting myself down, if I don’t get a video out. So what do I do? Blahhh...

Hang on, I think I know what can pull me out of this funk. It’s crazy enough it might just work... What’s the one thing that can help overcome any challenge? What does every underdog need to persevere? One word, MONTAGE.

For the record, mental health is no joke. We as entrepreneurs and business owners are certainly not immune to depression. Do yourself a favour and talk to someone about it.

That’s my Public Service Announcement for today. Wishing you a happy and healthy Freakin’ Monday.

Have A Great Week!