Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 51 – Ads from Nike & Tim Hortons You Need To Watch

Today I was just going to talk about Tim Horton’s recent “Legends of Roll Up” series as part of the “Roll Up The Rim To Win” Campaign but Nike dropped another new “Dream Crazy” ad, last night during the 2019 Oscars, and damn, it’s another one worth talking about. I mean, I don’t know that anyone will be burning their shoes over this one but It’s a good one for sure that you need to watch.

The Tim Hortons spot is far less serious but it caught me off guard. For a brand that typically puts out sappy, emotional ads, (don’t get me wrong, I often do like sappy and emotional) this one was different and that’s why I think it’s great.

The “Legends of Roll Up” is done in a mockumentary style that follows 4 “Legends” of the, quite obviously fake, sport of roll up the rim to win. In case you’re not from Canada, this is a campaign that goes on for the whole month where hidden under the rim of every cup is a chance to win a prize. If you are Canadian, you know that we take Roll Up The Rim very seriously and that’s what Tim Hortons is playing on here. They are poking fun at those people that we all know who might take it a bit too far. There are 4 videos, profiling 4 different people from the office rivals, to the grandmother, and a few more.

Here are all 4 spots in the Tim Hortons series:

Nike's New "Just Do It" Ad

As for Nike, what can I say? They’ve done it again. It’s another amazing example of a powerful script, combined with equally powerful imagery that just goes a little bit against the grain. What I really like about what Nike has been doing in their last two ads, is that instead of featuring obvious stars, they’re championing the underdog. Ok, Serena Williams is certainly no underdog, but what I mean is that they are telling a greater story of not just physical hurdles but social and economic hurdles that can make it more difficult for some athletes, and in this case, women in sport. If it doesn’t give you goosebumps, then I don’t know what will. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Have A Great Week!

Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 50 – Happy Freakin’ Family Day

Family Day, it's the first long weekend of the year and for us it couldn't have come at a worse time. Ok I hate to sound like your typical complaining, exhausted parent but for the past few days my wife and I have been all of the above. Can you blame us though? Last week our son was sick and at home 3 days with a fever which mean that I spent some late nights catching up on work.

He also has not been sleeping well so not only are Mama and Papa extra tired and crabby, but so is our 17 month-old toddler. But seriously, about 75% of the time, maybe even more, he is an absolute joy. He's thoughtful and affectionate, he's kind and his smile lights up a room. This past family day, not so much... ok all except his smile. that makes up for pretty much everything, even giving me the fish-hook.

So this is how we spent our Family Day holiday. It was not much different from any other weekend except more screaming than normal. If that doesn't make you want to watch this video, I don't know what will. Enjoy!


Once again I want to take this opportunity to share my fundraising link for The Coldest Night of the Year in Owen Sound on Feb 23rd. This is a fundraiser to help Safe N’ Sound, a community hub, working to end poverty and homelessness. It is a great organization and I have pledged to raise $150 and I need your help. If you would like to support me with a donation, I would be ever so grateful and you can do so by clicking the link here http://walk.w-ith.me/bfresh

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoyed your family day long weekend!

Have A Great Week!

Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 49 – 3 Brand Benefits of Community Involvement

Let’s talk about Community Involvement, which is not to be confused with community engagement. Engagement more often refers to social media engagement. NO, today I’m talking about getting off the computer, out into the real world and doing something good for your community.

Community Involvement is about giving back and getting involved in community events and the benefits to your brand can be really positive. Those events are most often of a charitable nature and they include things like sponsoring events, fundraisers, or sports teams. It could be volunteering at a fundraising event or a soup kitchen, or it could be doing some fundraising yourself for a worthy cause.

But why is community involvement beneficial? Because for one, you’ll feel better about yourself but there are branding benefits as well that you should consider and here are 3.

#1 Brand Awareness

As long as your brand is visible and recognizable at the event then you’ve done your job. Think about branded apparel, or banners to help promote your involvement. Sponsorships often involve your brand printed on promotional materials so make sure that you provide a good quality and up to date logo so that you get the most from your sponsorship. I have done a past episode on the importance of brand consistency here in case you need a refresher on the importance of that.

#2 Establish Trust, Credibility, Integrity, etc.

Showing that you care and give back to your community is a perfect way to establish trust and credibility among potential new clients or customers. Not to mention that existing customers like to know and support companies that are doing good things. It just makes everyone feel good.

#3 Networking Opportunities

Getting involved in different charity events is a great way to meet new people. It’s a way to engage with like-minded individuals which could lead to other things. I never pass up a good opportunity for face-to-face networking in the real world.  

So consider getting out and supporting a cause that you feel passionate about and help others with your business. It’s a win win, that will have a lasting impact.

With that being said, I too am doing some community involvement, volunteering to shoot photos and videos for The Coldest Night of the Year in Owen Sound on Feb 23rd. This is a fundraiser to help Safe N’ Sound, a community hub, working to end poverty and homelessness. It is a great organization and I have pledged to raise $150 and I need your help. If you would like to support me with a donation, I would be ever so grateful and you can do so by clicking the link here http://walk.w-ith.me/bfresh

Thanks for your support!

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Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 48 – Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2019 (and 3 worst)

With Super Bowl LIII wrapped up, the discussion begins... Who had the best commercial?

I have gone through all of the ads and here are my top pics and why.

#1 Bud Light x Game Of Thrones - Joust

Well that was unexpected is all I can say. I love a story with a good twist and this is one I can honestly say I’ve never seen before. One brand teaming up with another for a commercial you think you’re watching but turns out that commercial is for something else.

#2 Pepsi - More than OK

This one has everything you want in a super bowl commercial, celebrities, comedy, and their message is simple. In true Pepsi fashion, they know they are number #2 in the cola game but that never stops them from using that to their advantage.

 I also love this teaser ad that they put out. I mean Steve Carell... you just can’t go wrong.

#3 Google - 100 billion words

Great storytelling, that’s what is beautiful about this ad. It’s such a simple feel good message that gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

#4 Verizon - All our Thanks

Get your tissues ready... Verizon honors first responders in their campaign “All our Thanks”. This one is emotionally powerful and they shot 12 of them which you can watch at AllOurThanks.com.

#5 Colgate Close Talker

It’s simple, kinda funny, and memorable... that’s all you need. Kudos Colgate!

#6 Amazon Alexa - Not Everything Makes The Cut

This one is good but if you happen to miss the opening line the first time (which I did) you need to watch it again for it to make sense. Wait, I wonder if they did that on purpose? Probably not because that would be a terrible strategy.

#7 Washington Post - Democracy Dies in Darkness

The Washington post makes a clear statement, fighting back against rhetoric and honoring journalists killed in action. It’s a dark spot that feels necessary and the point is strong and hurts to think about. It certainly helps that it’s narrated by Tom Hanks.

#8 Mint Mobile - Chunky Style Milk

Someone on this list had to go for shock value and Mint Mobile takes the cake for that one. I have to say that it’s not a great ad, the premise is a real stretch but I can’t fault them for making it memorable and buzz worthy. Also it’s really gross so heads up on that.

#9 Google - Jobs for Veterans

Good storytelling. Google gets it.

#10 NFL - 100 year game

I don’t know who any of these players are but for their target audience I’m sure it’s a who’s who of NFL All-stars... I think. It also did win first place in USA Today’s AD Meter which is a consumer rating of all Super Bowl Ads. So that does say a lot about not only who's watching but also who cares about Super Bowl Ads. Still a lot of fans I guess.

Here is my pick for Worst Ads

These just missed the mark on creativity and impact and make me wonder who thought this was a good idea.

#1 Burgerking - #eatlikeandy

This spot just makes me want to ask  a lot of questions... starting with WTF? Why Andy Warhol? How long have they been sitting on this footage? And why did they think now is the time? Is the artist even that relevant today that he deserves a hashtag about eating a hamburger? Seriously, what were you thinking??

#2 Wix - Big Game Ad with Karlie Kloss

If you’ve ever used YouTube you’ve already seen this or something exactly like it. There is no creativity and no originality. Just the same boring spot from wix that we’ve all seen 10,000 times before.

#3 Bud Light - Beer ingredients

So the joust was good but that seems to have been the extent of their creativity. The beer brand also put out a series of medieval ads that list off their ingredients and dwell on the fact that their competitors use corn syrup. Does anyone care? Probably not.

Have A Great Week!