Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 49 – 3 Brand Benefits of Community Involvement

Let’s talk about Community Involvement, which is not to be confused with community engagement. Engagement more often refers to social media engagement. NO, today I’m talking about getting off the computer, out into the real world and doing something good for your community. Community Involvement is about giving back and getting involved in community events […]

Travel Video Open Casting Call

We are creating a travel video that will document the adventures of 2 people and you could be those people. All expenses paid! Seriously, hotel, transportation, meals, along with skiing, beer & wine tours and more is what we have planned.  We are very excited to announce that The Georgian Triangle Tourism Association, has sponsored […]

Graphic Designer Wanted

BFresh.Media is looking for a Graphic Designer for contract work. We are a multimedia production and creative advertising agency that works with a variety of clients from professional services, to retail,  to consumer packaged goods. We are looking for an experienced graphic designer to assist with a variety of ongoing client work. Hours are flexible […]

My first Short Doc Attempt from 2015

2015 was my first time visiting the Collingwood Elvis Festival. As an aspiring documentary filmmaker, I wanted to go out and film the madness and just see what came out of it. At the time I was shooting on a Nikon DSLR without any stabilization or ND filters which are really good at cutting down […]

Free Headshot Friday

Is your professional headshot over 2 years old? Maybe it was shot on a mobile phone, or perhaps still from the 90’s and you’re just waiting for that fashion trend to come back?  I hate to break it to you but Hypercolor shirts are not making a comeback… and more importantly, those old or unprofessional […]

Elevator Pitch Video Promotion 2017

Last year we launched a very special promotion and are excited to once again offer this amazing discount for a professional 1 minute video, regularly valued at $2000-$3500.The idea is simple, by establishing a few creative parameters, and by shooting in one location on one day only, bfresh.media is able to provide your business with a 1 […]

I have a new marketing video… Now what?

*UPDATED FOR 2019* OK, you’re on the right track, you have invested in video advertising. Your shiny new video is engaging, it’s entertaining, it’s informative, It’s perfect!… but now what? Unfortunately all of those things don’t mean that people are going to watch it. In order to get the most out of your investment there […]

Video production in collingwood

bfresh.media was launched in November of 2015. Since then, I have been working hard to integrate the company with the local business community, here in Collingwood and the south Georgian Bay area. I’m happy to travel anywhere my clients need to shoot video, and come to think of it, this winter I’m feeling pretty nostalgic […]

Happy Holidays!

Having just launched bfresh.media, we wanted to do something fun to just wish everyone a Merry HoHo… or whatever. It took a few takes but I finally got it right, just in time for the holidays. Check out the video below: [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”xRzGWHO8ZcI” width=”500″ height=”281″ anchor=”http://bfresh.media/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PosterFrame.png”] When writing your New Year’s Resolutions, consider adding “be […]

Open For Production Business

Hello world, I’d like to introduce you to bfresh.media, a video production company like no other. bfresh, meet the world. I launched this company in late 2015 after putting in a lot of “side hours” producing videos for clients and friends. With a background in Media Arts, Marketing communications, and Corporate / Commercial Video Production […]