Neuro Reset wins big on Dragons’ Den

Congratulations to our new client and all I can say is wow... I have never seen a deal go down like that on Dragons' Den before. Also, more spoiler alerts coming up below since the episode has aired on CBC as of November 23rd 2017. If you have not seen it, you can watch it online here:

Neuro Reset is a Collingwood based, company focused on lifestyle enhancement technology. Bfresh.Media was recently contacted to update product photography to update their e-commerce in preparation for the Dragons Den appearance.

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The company was founded by Dr. Mark Metus, a Chiropractor who has been specializing in Applied Kinesiology for over 36 years. To be honest, I don’t quite understand what the product does but after watching the Dragons' Den episode I definitely got a better understanding of what it can do, and I wasn’t the only one impressed. The Dragons were all blown away at what they saw.

According to their website, Dr. Mark developed a wearable technology that improves muscle and joint function, working with a team of physicists specializing in Quantum Physics. He developed a technique called Quantum Alignment, a method of diagnosis and treatment using Neuro Connect devices.

They say that following professional diagnosis, patients can maintain improved spinal function using a simple device that clips onto their clothing. During their pitch, Dr. Mark also introduced a spray that seems to have the same effect when applied to your clothing.

The product has seen huge success among Golfers, winning the Pinnacle Inventor spotlight award at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2017. However, the applications for this product could go far beyond golf and the Dragons certainly saw that potential.

Spoiler Alert!

So what was the deal? Well the ask was $100,000 for a 20% stake in the company. To which veteran Dragon, Arlene Dickinson commented “If this is real, and I don’t deny that it is... Why are you only looking for the money you’re looking for? This could be worth a fortune.”

The fact is that their modest valuation was based on sales by word of mouth to date and they are looking to grow the company into a household name. The challenge, as Joe Mimran pointed out is going to be communicating what the product does and how it can benefit consumers. At which point he declined the offer saying, “I’d like to be a customer. I’m not sure I want to be an investor.”

That was until Michael Wekerle made a proposition that I’ve never seen before. “I’ll give you what you came in for” he said “but I’d rather go in with some help. So I’ll go in at one fifth of the deal you came in with and I want four other Dragons to come in with me here.”

With some deliberation, He had 4 other Dragons, Jim, Arlene, Joe, and Michele willing to each pony up $20,000 for a combined ownership of 30%. And who could say no to that?

To learn more about Neuro Reset visit their website here:


Bfresh.Media makes no claims to the validity of this product and what it can do. Bfresh.Media is neither representing the company or speaking on their behalf. All information reported here was sourced from Neuro Reset's official website and from the Dragons' Den appearance. We encourage all consumers to educate themselves objectively before buying any products, especially products of a medical nature.

Since the Dragons' Den episode aired, there has been a lot of discussion about Neuro Reset and their claims.  What do you think? is it a hoax? Have you tried the product? In support of fair and open discussion, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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Collingwood and Area Tourism Video Coming Soon

Last year I inadvertently created a wildly successful tourism video for the province of Newfoundland. My viral vacation video, which currently has over 525,000 views on Facebook, was more successful than most official Newfoundland and Labrador videos. Here is that video again, if you have not seen it:

Since that video went out, I’ve wanted to create something similar for Collingwood and the Blue mountains. I want to show off what an amazing place this is, in the same fun, sharable way. To me, the success of that original video was not a fluke and can be recreated. I even wrote a case study about that which you can check out here:

Now instead of trying to pitch this to a government entity or individual client, I’d rather just go out and create it myself. That’s because I prefer to maintain full creative control to ensure maximum success. Not to mention, the original video gave great exposure to all the other businesses that we featured and that was a huge part of what made it successful - featuring others.

So that’s it, it’s settled. We are making a Winter Tourism Video for Collingwood and The Blue Mountains, set to shoot in January 2018.

We will be filming in early to mid January over a period of 3-4 days. Our on camera “tourists” will be from out of town and chosen through a social media contest in which entries can win an all expenses paid vacation to Collingwood and The Blue Mountains. This is to generate excitement before the video has even begun.

We Need Your Help To Make This Video

What I am looking for is sponsorship because I understand that a price tag of $8-10 thousand may not be realistic for most local businesses or even the tourism offices but that is how much this would cost to make. Instead, what I’m suggesting is that we pool our resources and funds, that’s how this video is going to get made. If we want to feature the best that this area has to offer, we are going to to need support from those who want to be in it, so here is what we are looking for:

    1. A Title sponsor - A title sponsor is just that, your brand right in the title of the video as “Presented by...” Plus we will feature your business and brand with great coverage in the video. This is to help cover some of our expenses - Note that if we receive multiple offers, we will choose to work with the best fit for the project and look for a sponsor that can help connect us to other businesses on our wishlist.
    1. Transportation Sponsor - We will be driving to pick up our tourists within a 200km radius of Collingwood and then taking them all around town to show them the sights. A transportation sponsor would receive a “transportation provided by” credit with logo plus we would be sure to feature plenty of shots of your vehicle branding. This could be any business from auto dealership to Real Estate office that has a wrapped vehicle and want’s to really show it off.
    1. A Hotel/accommodation sponsor - We will be bringing “tourists” from out of town as part of the adventure and they will need a place to stay for 3 or 4 nights. This is one of the most important sponsorship categories and we will be eternally grateful (and it will show in the video!).
    1. Recreational Sponsors - There are so many fun things to do, places to go and experience and you could be one of them. Yes this is a Winter video, but we are looking for all kinds of activities both indoor and outdoor. To be featured as a recreational sponsor we just need 3 free passes. We just need access to film and we will show off your business. We are looking for anything to do, indoor, outdoor, from Skiing, to rock climbing, to a spa, live music and anything inbetween.
    1. Restaurant Sponsors - This area has so many great places to eat. There is no shortage of amazing dining experiences and we want to show them off. All we need from a restaurant or bar is some food and or drinks to be featured. Whatever you are able to provide, we will be looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a few stops for just some appetizers, or coffee and snacks. Again, any establishment willing to pitch in will get great coverage plus a tag in the Facebook post.

Just think how awesome this will be. Your business featured in a tourism video and you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for it! We know that a big part of what makes our area worth visiting is the people who make it great and that is what most tourism videos are missing, YOU! 

So if you have a local business, anything you would like to contribute to be a part of something amazing, then we would love to hear from you. Send me an email at and let's talk.

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What is BFresh.Studio?

BFresh.Studio is in full swing but the main question I still get is: “what is it?”. Is it a video studio? Mostly. Is it a Photo studio? sort of. What about a recording studio? ya we do a little bit of that too.

The answer is that the new Collingwood studio is all of the above. It is everything that we offer as BFresh.Media, now all under one roof. I call it a content creation hub because it’s really designed for content marketers. So if you have a YouTube channel or a podcast or you need lots of product photography and video for say your social media channels, then this space is for you.

It is important to note that we still offer regular video production services. So single video advertisements, shot on location, event promos, as well as motion graphics, and design are all still within our service offering. However, we now offer 3 new membership levels for those who need content on an ongoing basis. Basically if you need 1 video per month or 4+ videos per month, we have a membership package for you. Check out our rates and Membership details here:

The studio is located at 1 First Street, suite 206-B, Collingwood Ontario. We are here from 9-5 Monday to Friday so come check us out!

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BFresh.Studio – A First Look

It has been a few weeks since getting the keys to the new studio so I made this video to show off the progress and kick start my own content marketing strategy.

So far, the walls have been painted, we blocked up a window and covered a door that is not needed.

In terms of soundproofing, we secured rigid foam insulation to the back of the main door to block out as much sound as possible when recording. Not to mention the window and alternate door coverings contain a lot of foam to reduce the amount of noise coming into the studio.

Another challenge that any studio will have is preventing echo but one that is easily overcome with some foam and cloth. You will see in the video that I’ve got a grey backdrop behind me (that still needs to be ironed) and this is stretched around a wooden frame that has a mattress cover pinned up behind it. This was not only a cost effective solution but one that is mobile and multi purposed. If I want to use only the dampening of the sound foam I can place the frame off to the side or I can hang other backdrops from the frame as needed. Just listen to the video and see how it sounds for yourself.

So as I said, the new studio is coming along but there is still a lot of work ahead of me but I hope to keep posting and keep everyone updated on what’s going on and perhaps inspire you to get out and get creating.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel or like us on facebook to follow everything that is going on and stay tuned for more updates soon!

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New Video Studio Coming to Collingwood

Since I launched this business, I have dreamt about how amazing it might be, one day, to evolve into a studio space where we would have the convenience and luxury of a wide open studio. A space that wasn’t my living room or that of my clients’, which involves a huge transformation to set up a simple backdrop.

To me the benefits were clear: A studio would allow less travel, and shorter setup and take down times. Plus I could cater to wider range of individuals like youtube vloggers, content creators, and offer more services like weekly video, podcasts, product video and photography and even portrait photography, along with customizable sets and backdrops. It’s not changing the focus of my business but rather putting on a wider lense (camera metaphors, gotta love em).

Well by no other explanation than “the stars have aligned”, that dream is becoming a reality… and soon! The best part is, my address is not changing either. With the help of the Clever Office (the coworking space I operate from), we are only moving down the hall. will be expanding into Suite 206-B, a soon to be studio space that is almost 500 square feet of possibilities.

I say possibilities because currently the large room is a blank canvas that will require lots of work to convert it into a professional studio space with good acoustics, a variety of sets and backdrops, and my favourite part… even more fun gear to play with.

So this is just the beginning. April 1st 2017 is the official launch so expect lots up updates including my own content strategy. Follow on facebook, instagram, and youtube for the fun stuff, plus you will want to be on the lookout for website updates soon. All the important things like photos, rates, membership packages, should be posted in the next few weeks.

That’s it for now, I wanted to keep it short because I get the keys next week and April 1st is just around the corner. I have so much work to do but I’m super excited and I look forward to sharing this journey with you every step of the way. Until next time!

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Open For Production Business

Hello world, I’d like to introduce you to, a video production company like no other. bfresh, meet the world.

I launched this company in late 2015 after putting in a lot of “side hours” producing videos for clients and friends. With a background in Media Arts, Marketing communications, and Corporate / Commercial Video Production I realized I have a lot to offer. Not only from a visual creativity perspective but an effective communication and business development standpoint.

I created not only as a way to get paid for something I love to do, but to provide accessible video services to businesses of any size. No matter what you want to accomplish, or what your budget, my goal is to always find a solution that fits your business.

To learn more, Check out my first promotional video:

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”jMoWI1e_xDQ” width=”500″ height=”281″ anchor=””]  

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