Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 4- Promote Videos on YouTube

If the only digital advertising you do is boosting your Facebook videos then you need to watch this. YouTube is an equally massive audience and promoting your videos is just as easy!

For most of my clients, navigating through Google Adwords to set up a campaign is not an option. Most business owners and marketers want a simplified solution to promote their material in an effective way. 

That's why I think most have stuck with boosting posts on Facebook because it is so easy. But there is a simple and effective way to promote your videos on YouTube and I will show you how. 


As far as I know, it used to be that the only way to get your videos to play as an ad before other Youtube Videos was through Adwords, Google's advertising platform. You have to set up an account and then link it to your YouTube Channel in order to build your campaign.

While that option still exists, there is another way to do it right from your YouTube Creator Studio. (basically just the admin area).

Assuming that you already have a YouTube Cahannel setup and a video uploaded, Just go to your Creator Studio and then select Video Manager. Find the video you want to promote and click the downward arrow next to the edit button.

This will show you a menu and promote is the very last option.  Once you click promote, you have the option of playing “in stream” - that’s before another video on YouTube, or “in-display” which is at the top of the thumbnails on the right.

Obviously in stream will get more views but users can skip the ad so be sure to make those first few seconds count. You can also set your budget and refine your audience by location and interests just like Facebook.

Anyway, that’s it for me. If you want a step by step guide on how to set up your YouTube ad, just YouTube it... I gotta grab another cup of coffee and get my day started.

See you next week!

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Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 3 – Kids!

Apparently in Hollywood, directors often say, “never work with kids or pets”. When it comes to your marketing, the opposite applies.

Kids can make the most boring videos worth watching. Take for example real estate listing videos. A few years ago, there was an agent out of the GTA who wanted to switch things up from the usual boring video and had a young girl give a tour of a property listing. That video went pretty viral and landed them on the local news. How often does a property listing video go viral? I’m guessing not very often.

I’ve said it before that doing the unexpected is one way of getting people talking about and sharing your video. That’s what makes kids so special because they really do say the darndest things and they bring that element of the unexpected without fail.

That is why incorporating them in your marketing is just a stellar idea and if you don’t believe me then try this: Go to YouTube and search for “Buzzfeed Kids” and see how adorable they can be. Or how about just start typing “Kids Explain... “ and select any one of the suggested searches. Did I just ruin your entire day? Sorry but you’ll thank me later.

Seriously, there are hundreds of ways to bring children into your marketing strategy with relevance. Have them review products, they could explain complex elements of your business or just pretend to be your sales staff. There are so many ways for it to be fun entertaining and even informative.

So if you are interested in doing something different and fun with your marketing, think about incorporating kids. Those adorable little people can turn any boring subject into something worth watching. Include baby animals too and you might just win the internet.

See you next week!

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Happy Freakin’ Monday Ep 2 – Embed Facebook Videos

Welcome to my new video series Happy Freakin' Monday. This is my wake up call to kick your marketing strategy out of bed. Coming Every Monday morning, I will be sharing insights and marketing strategies from the comfort of my PJs. Grab yourself a coffee and settle in; it's gonna be fun. 

Today's episode is for those of you who have been uploading your videos to Facebook for your audience, and then to Youtube, just for the single option to embed them into your website?

While there are very good reasons to upload videos to both platforms, you don’t always need to do this.

Many of my clients have a much stronger presence on Facebook than Youtube and I’m not surprised. The business and advertising tools that Facebook has introduced and improved over the last few years have certainly put them strides ahead of the competition in social media marketing. So if you use Facebook primarily for your business and you want to track the success of your videos and help them perform even better, than this tip might be for you.

I discovered it over a year ago, but I only realized a few weeks back that most people don’t know you can embed Facebook videos into websites and blogs just like Youtube.


Like this!

It’s super simple. Just click the three little dots in the top right hand corner of your Facebook post and select “Embed”. This will give you an iframe code that allows you to customize things like the player size, controls and even include or exclude the original post.

What is great about embedding your Facebook videos is that now your website visitors can like or share the video to their own pages without leaving your website. They can also click through to comment on the post or to discover and like your business page.

The key here is keeping all of your marketing channels cohesive.

That's it for me, see you bright and early, next Monday!

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