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Our Aproach

If quick and cheap is what you're looking for, you won't find that here. What we offer is premium product photography, that is customized exactly the way you want it; satisfaction guaranteed. We provide a variety of photography and design services for any application. Whether for print, web & e-commerce, or display advertising, we have the skill, and the creativity to make your product stand out among the competition.

The Process

It starts with a conversation. We want to know exactly what it is that you need. How many photos, where they're going, what's your vision? These are just some of the questions that we'll ask in order to provide a formal quote. Once the price is agreed upon, we can move on to obtaining the product.


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Keeping it Simple

We like to make things as easy as possible. Our office is located in Collingwood, Ontario and typically products are shipped to us or dropped off. Pickup can be arranged within 200km of Collingwood and mobile studio options are also available within a reasonable distance. That means we come to you, which is great for extra-large items.

Styles and Pricing

Each job is quoted on an individual basis but this guide is meant to give you a rough idea only of the cost for your project. You should also know that We like to bill what we quote. That means you will have comfort in knowing that the price won't change unless the scope of work changes.


Shipping & Drop Off

1 First St. Suite 220,
Collingwood ON, L9Y 1A1

Drop Off Between 8am - 6pm

Pure and Clean

We touch up all of our photos to ensure the best possible quality. Dust, scratches, any imperfections are meticulously and seamlessly removed to make your product look its absolute best.

This style is typically used for websites and e-commerce where focus on the product is key, without anything else in the frame. Backgrounds are often white but any color can be requested and shadows or reflections can be added at your request.

Cost: $30 - $60*


  • Product size
  • Reflections
  • Multiple angles in one image
  • Text or graphics
  • Glowing lights or moving parts

*Price may be higher if multiple revisions/retakes are required.

Product Staging

when you also want to convey a certain lifestyle, personality, or a branding style, then staging is the way to go. Creativity plays a key role here, and that is where we shine.

These are typically your advertising and editorial images. We like to use props and locations that are easily accessible because if not, they can really impact the budget or lead us to move on to the next available option.

Cost: $40 - $90*


  • Props
  • Location
  • Models

*Price may be higher if multiple revisions/retakes are required.

Compositing and Design

When your vision exceeds your budget, compositing may be an option for you. Most often, we source the stock photography that products will be placed into because many factors must be considered like angle of view, point of focus, composition and so on.

Often used in advertising or when you have a lot of information to convey in one single image, this approach is highly effective. It can be time consuming and more costly, but certainly less expensive than location fees, model fees, travel, and everything else that would go along with setting up some of these complex scenes.

Cost: $90 - $120*


  • Stock photography
  • Complexity
  • Graphic design

*Price may be higher if multiple revisions/retakes are required.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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